I currently have one open Ph.D. position on Re-designing the Input Pipeline in Interactive Systems to start Fall 2024. I'm also always looking for motivated and talented people (IUT, Licence, Master, undergraduates, graduates, postdocs) to join us and collaborate on stimulating research. Do not hesitate to contact me but note that I only recruit foreign students on their last year of Master degree or in Ph.D.

If you are a foreigner, doing a Ph.D. in Lille corresponds to a salary of about 1500€ net per month net with low tuition fees (~500€/year) and affordable housing (~500€/month).

All applications are encouraged, regardless of age, gender, social or ethnic origin, sexual orientation or disability. If you have a disability, please let us know if you have any special needs so that we can take them into account.

Why joining Loki?

The Loki research group aims at producing original ideas, fundamental knowledge and practical tools to inspire, inform and support the design of human-computer interactions.

The Loki research group is based in Inria centre at the University of Lille, located in the Lille area. Lille is at the northern tip of France and its metropolitan area is the 5th biggest in France with around 100 000 students. At the crossroads of northern continental Europe and thanks to its Eurostar train station, it is 35 minutes away from Brussels, 1 h away from Paris and 80 minutes away from London. With four international airports (including Paris Charles de Gaulle and Brussels Zaventem) less or around one hour away by bus or train, it is of easy access from virtually anywhere in the world. Overall, Lille is a very enjoyable city with a nice old city centre with lots of typical bars and restaurants.

Ph.D. supervision

15. Yuan Chen, 2020-2024, Making Interfaces Re-appearing in Ubiquitous Environments (co-supervised with Edward Lank, Daniel Vogel and Sylvain Malacria).
14. Johann Felipe Gonzalez Avila, 2020-2024, Facilitating Programming-Based 3D Computer-Aided Design Using Bidirectional Programming (co-supervised with Audrey Girouard and Thomas Pietrzak).
13. Eva Mackamul, 2020-2023, Investigating the Influence of Visual Signifiers to Foster the Discovery of Touch-Based Interactions (co-supervised with Sylvain Malacria).
12. Damien Masson, 2019-2023, Transforming the Reading Experience of Scientific Documents with Polymorphism (co-supervised with Edward Lank, Daniel Vogel and Sylvain Malacria) AFIHM best dissertation award and Bill Buxton Award for Outstanding Dissertation in Human-Computer Interaction.
11. Grégoire Richard, 2019-2023, Touching avatars : le rôle du retour haptique dans les interactions avec les avatars en réalité virtuelle (co-supervised with Thomas Pietrzak, Anatole Lécuyer and Ferran Argelaguet).
10. Marc Baloup, 2018-2021, Techniques d'interaction pour la sélection d'objets et le contrôle d'expressions faciales en réalité virtuelle (co-supervised with Thomas Pietrzak and Martin Hachet).
9. Axel Antoine, 2017-2021, Etudes des stratégies et conception d'outils pour la production de supports illustratifs d'interaction (co-supervised with Sylvain Malacria) AFIHM best dissertation award.
8. Hakim Si-Mohammed, 2016-2019, Design and Study of Interactive Systems based on Brain-Computer Interfaces and Augmented Reality (co-supervised with Anatole Lécuyer and Ferran Argelaguet).
7. Alix Goguey, 2013-2016, Comprendre et concevoir l'interaction tactile avec identification des doigts .
6. Andéol Évain, 2013-2016, Optimizing the use of SSVEP-based Brain-Computer interfaces for Human-Computer Interaction (co-supervised with Anatole Lécuyer and Nicolas Roussel).
5. Jérémie Gilliot, 2010-2014, Interactions multi-points indirectes sur des écrans de grandes dimensions (co-supervised with Nicolas Roussel).
4. Jean-Philippe Deblonde, 2007-2012, Exploitation de la dynamique du geste en IHM. Application aux fonctions de transfert pour le pointage et l'extraction d'événements discrets (co-supervised with Laurent Grisoni).
3. Anthony Martinet, 2008-2011, Etude de l'infuence de la séparation des degrés de liberté pour la manipulation 3D à l'aide de surfaces tactiles multipoints (co-supervised with Laurent Grisoni).
2. Quan Xu, 2007-2010, Contribution à l'étude et au développement de techniques de gestion de fenêtres (co-supervised with Christophe Chaillou).
1. Pan Qing, 2005-2008, Techniques d'interactions mixtes isotonique et élastique pour la sélection 2D et la navigation / manipulation 3D (co-supervised with Christophe Chaillou).

Ph.D. and HDR committees

Gabriela Herrera Altamira (Ph.D., 01/24), Adrien Chaffangeon Caillet (Ph.D., 12/23), Arthur Fages (Ph.D., 04/23), Flavien Lebrun (Ph.D., 12/22), Anatolii Khalin (Ph.D., 12/22), Jean-Marie Normand (HDR, 12/21), Victor Mercado (Ph.D., 11/21), Carole Plasson (Ph.D., 05/21), Guillaume Bataille (Ph.D., 11/20), Theophanis Tsandilas (HDR, 07/20), Marie-Éléonore Kessaci (HDR, 11/19), Emmanouil Giannisakis (Ph.D., 07/19), Bruno Fruchard (Ph.D., 12/18), Jeff Avery (Ph.D., 12/18), Wanyu Liu (Ph.D., 11/18), Antoine Costes (Ph.D., 11/18), Gary Perelman (Ph.D., 10/18), Jessalyn Alvina (Ph.D., 12/17), Maxime Guillon (Ph.D., 11/17), Martin Cronel (Ph.D., 10/17), Élie Cattan (Ph.D., 09/17), Caroline Appert (HDR, 06/17), Sébastien Pelurson (Ph.D., 09/16), Élisabeth Rousset (Ph.D., 02/16), Merwan Achibet (Ph.D., 12/15), Siju Wu (Ph.D., 11/15), William Delamare (Ph.D., 11/15), Louis-Pierre Bergé (Ph.D., 10/15), Gustavo Alberto Rovelo Ruiz (Ph.D., 05/15), Mohamed Ikbel Boulabiar (Ph.D., 05/15), Nazim Haouchine (Ph.D., 01/15), Anthony Talvas (Ph.D., 12/14), David Bertolo (Ph.D., 11/14), Jean-Luc Vinot (Ph.D., 11/14), Fabien Danieau (Ph.D., 02/14), Cyprien Pindat (Ph.D., 12/13), Simon Perrault (Ph.D., 04/13), Mathieu Nancel (Ph.D., 12/12), Suzanne Tak (Ph.D., 01/11), Guillaume Faure (Ph.D., 12/11), Sylvain Malacria (Ph.D., 12/11), Olivier Bau (Ph.D., 12/10), Fabrice Dècle (Ph.D., 12/09), Jean Sreng (Ph.D., 12/08), Lionel Dominjon (Ph.D., 12/06).

Last update: April 07, 2024.